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SNYDER, Ronald D., of Quincy, formerly of Braintree, passed away on June 12, 2021, after a period of failing health, at the age of 69. He was the son of Donald H. Snyder and Phyllis A, (Artese) Snyder, both parents pre-deceased him. He was the brother of Donna and Robert Haynes of Florida, Donald H. Snyder Jr. and his wife Linda Snyder of New Hampshire and Kimberly Snyder and her husband James Gilchrist of Florida. He is survived by his sons, Eric Snyder of Florida, and Jason Snyder of Massachusetts. He was also survived my many nieces, nephews and friends.

How do I begin writing about the life of my kid brother? In some way it is quite easy, but in other ways, it breaks my heart to have to do this. Our mom dying at such a young age had a profound effect on all of us, especially Ron as he was the youngest. He was always full of energy and had a mischievous curiosity during the early years of his life. Our father would often tell him to stop being a “little scooch”. Our Aunts, where all the love was, would wonder if he had “ants in his pants”.

A few short stories about his early life; He once lit a fire in Waldeckers Field and told the fireman who answered the call that it was an accident and happened when he was cooking worms. Another time, he walked over to the old Braintree High School, pulled the fire alarm, and then sat down on the top step and waited. He told my father he wanted to see all the firetrucks and boy, did he ever! Another story I recall was when his older sister Donna took him for a walk in the baby carriage and when they got to the top of our street, Ronnie hoped out and ran home with my sister in fast pursuit. He once got caught sliding down the Union Street hill on a piece of cardboard by my dad who happened to be driving by in the police cruiser. In anticipation of what he knew was coming, he put a hard cover book down the back of his pants hoping to lessen the blow. My father hit once with the book in place and many more after he removed it. He also kept his childhood friends, Philip & Mickey very busy on his various childhood adventures.

Ronnie would later move to Houghs Neck, marry for a short time to Janice Pace and would have two sons, Eric and Jason. To his disappointment, things did not work out and soon his marriage ended. I know to this day that he wished he had kept a closer relationship with his children.

Ronnie was the ‘jack of all trades, but the master of none”. He had a variety of occupations, none of which would hold his interest for very long. He worked the fishing docks of Boston, was a crew member on a fishing boat, construction laborer for Walorz Trucking, a maintenance man at the Oval Street condominiums, night manager for the Brewer’s Corner package store, new Car Inspector at Quirk Chevrolet, Bar Tender at the Jolley Rodger, worked at the Quincy Community Action Center and assisted patients and managed the supply room at Quincy City Hospital. Ronnie especially enjoyed helping people that were less fortunate than him.

Later in life met his partner, Teri Hendee who he lived with until she passed away a few short years later. They would often travel to Jamacia, West Indies and he was a big fan of Bob Marley and all that went with it. He was quick to make friends, a bit of a softy but was not afraid to let anyone know what he was thinking. I always got a kick out of the fact that Ronnie and his friends all had nick names. He was Snitchell and there was also Rico, T-Bone, Mudgey , etc.

Ronnie enjoyed his life for sure. We always looked forward to his visits to New Hampshire. In his last years, he had to fight the Cancer. The illness took over his life, but he remained fighting a courageous battle. His wall calendar became full of doctor appointments and everything else that comes with it. It was tough in the last month of his life. Although he had a tremendous will to live, the pain was too much, and in the end, he decided to stop trying to cure the cancer and instead treat for the pain. He spent his final days with me at the Palliative care unit at South Shore Hospital in Weymouth where he was originally born and would ultimately pass away.

At the request of the family, services will be private. Arrangements under the care of the Cartwright-Venuti Funeral Home, Braintree. To leave a sympathy message for the family, visit

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