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HANNAFORD, Ellen R. , of Town Brook House in Quincy Center, formerly of South Weymouth, passed away unexpectedly on December 10, 2020, days after her 60th birthday, after a short battle with liver failure.

Ellen faced many obstacles in her life, growing up as an autistic and physically handicapped child, and later as the last surviving member of her beloved family. She graduated from high school, and told stories of her driving years that amazed, amused and horrified us.

Despite the many obstacles she faced on a daily basis, and with the tremendous support of many compassionate and caring people along the way and most recently at Work Inc., Ellen persevered and was able to live independently, and contentedly. Ellen had an inquisitive nature and enjoyed travelling and often was sometimes able to combine it with her passion for all things relating to Thomas Edison, including visiting both his summer and winter homes. She loved riding trains and the train museum in Portland and would bring back dozens of photos of trains and beautiful landscapes.

On a warm day, Ellen would sometimes hop on the Red Line, lunch bag in one hand, camera in the other and walk around Boston taking snapshots of sites that interested her. She was proud to say that she was a faithful member of the John F. Kennedy Library as well as the foster mother of an endangered Ridley sea turtle at the New England Aquarium.

Ellen had an artistís eye and loved to stop and smell the roses and sometimes photograph or paint them. She was incredibly fortunate that when her own family was no longer with her, others from the community stepped up and provided her the help she needed to have a good life. All that were lucky enough to really know her will never forget the sweet and unique person that is gone far too soon.

A private burial was held in Lakeview Cemetery, Weymouth.

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