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CASTILLO, Jose B. Castillo Jr, also fondly referred to as Joe or Tatay by his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, joined our creator on May 26, 2020. He was 85 years old.

Jose spent 25 years working as a supervisor for Pepsi Cola in the Philippines before moving to the US. He then worked in quality control for Jordan’s Furniture, MA, for another 12 years prior to retirement.

Jose is survived by his loving wife Bella, his brothers and sisters, his children and grandchildren – as follows:

His brothers and sister:
• Virginia Brock
• Peter Castillo
• Julio Castillo
• Frank Castillo
• Raphaela Basilio
His children and grandchildren
• Ronnie and his wife Deng and their children Kathy, Leeroy, Justin, Nicole
• Annabel and her children Ding Dong, Kleng, Da Da, Yam Yam
• Tess and her husband Lanny and their son Shaun
• Laila and her husband Edgar and their children Kaila and Jesse
• Gad and his wife Ophel and their sons Nikko, Patrick and Tyrone
• Cherry and her husband Miguel and their children Daniel, David and Diana
• Joubelle and her husband Jeorge and their daughters Mabel and Michelle
• Radelito and his wife Hilma and their daughters Dona Bella and Chelsea.
• Carla and her husband Jerome and their daughters Kaitlyn and Chloe.

A man of few words but he is overflowing with kindness to his family and others in need. Through example, he instilled in his family the value of FISCH:
o Family
o Integrity
o Selflessness
o Community
o Humility

He thoroughly enjoyed spending time with his children and grandchildren as well as going on vacation to his hometown Pangasinan, Philippines. He is a man of the people – he could have easily been a politician – keeping himself busy by helping the less fortunate families in the Philippine community. To stay sharp and active, he liked to bond with his family watching sporting events such as football, boxing, basketball and baseball. He also liked to pass time at the casino.

These are among the many memories we will remember him by. He will be deeply missed by his family, friends and everyone who knew him.

We are forever grateful for him and how he became an integral part of our lives.

A funeral service is scheduled from 8:30AM to 10:30AM on May 30, 2020, at the Cartwright Funeral Homes, 419 N. Main Street Randolph MA, 02368. This will be followed by a graveside mass at the St Mary’s Cemetery 245 North Street, Randolph, MA.

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