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JEAN-PHILLIPPE, Andree Jeannette was born in Jacmel (Haiti), le 2 fevrier 1934. She was the first born of the family of 3. She got married at the age of 19 to Lodimus Jean-Philippe, and bore eight children to him. She also raised one of her nieces. She became a widow at the age of 32, and did not remarry. She is remembered by Maxwelle Jean-Philippe, her husband Chassagne Richard and her children Adly Jean-Philippe and his wife Jeanine Mortimer and their children, Colkitte Jean-Philippe and her husband Israel Theodore and her children, Loll Jean-Philippe and his wife Regine Craan, and their children, Lona Jean-Philippe (divorced) and her child , Walpold Jean-Philippe and his wife Marie Antoinette Polidor and their children, Davidza Jean-Philippe, her niece Astride Posy and her husband Salomon Pierre and their children her siblims and families. Jean Posy his wife Josette Valias and their child, Danthon Xavier Posy and his wife Jacqueline Jerome and children, her great and great grand children, her nieces and nephews, her cousins and their families and her friends. Andree grandchildren, Biondy jr, Reynaldo, Tatiana, Daphnee, Andree Elizabeth and husband Yves Chancy, Stanley, Valery and wife Ayauly, Stacy and husband , Cynthia and husband, Tanisha, Nathalie, Romy, Ludwig, Sarah-Jane, Olivier, Arshad, Tierry, Walpold Jr, Ornella, Alex, Catherine, Augusta Salomee, Hasley Jonathan, Ashley Joanne. Great grandchildren, Dahlia, Rachelle, Kevin, Giovani Maxwell, Matthew, Mirela. Nephews and nieces Mona Astride Posy Pierre and husband Salomon Pierre and children, Maritza Posy and child, Sherly Posy and husband,Uldad Posy and husband Lyonel Josil and children, Whisler Posy and wife Carline Bacout and child, Regine Posy, Dalcee Posy and husband Jean Denis and children. Her great grand children:Matthew, Dahlia, Rachelle, Kevin,giovani, Mirela. Andree was called Jeannette by her family and close family and friends. She was a super mom. She did not like the word ”impossible” because she associated it with lack of faith in God. She was positive and optimistic. Whenever things start getting rough, she always advise” let God handle it”, “ Deposit it at his feet”, “Don’t worry about it”. She was a very forgiving person. She does not make a big deal about the wrong others do to her and will not complain about it. She was able to forgive and forget. She said she had the kind of faith that can lift up mountains. She strongly believed in education, but it has be lined up and secured by bible knowledge she said. She firmly encouraged her children to go to church, participate in spiritual activities and study the bible. She was generous. Her favorite scriptures: Deuteronomy 31: 6 and John 11 : 25.The family is very appreciative of all your support and the help you provided during her illness and after her death. We lovingly thank you for your phone calls, emails and text messages, we acknowledge your cards and flowers, your visits and your presence today are warmly felt. Thanks a millions. Please receive our genuine love. A visitation period will be held Saturday, June 16, 2018 from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM followed by a Funeral Service at 11:30 AM in the Cartwright Funeral Home, 419 N. Main St. Randolph. Burial will be in Melrose Cemetery, Brockton. Immediately following the burial a luncheon will be held at Lantana, 43 Scanlon Dr. Randolph.

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