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Sympathy Messages for RECKLEY

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Lenore Lucas (
Julie, I am so very sorry for your loss-my memories of Mikael are always of his kind spirit. My prayers are with you and your family. Best Always, Lenore
Sandra Braga (
Mikael, Iím blessed to have known you. RIP and may the force be with you. 5/4
Bob Cassery (
Great person and classmate at USMA. Youíll be missed.
Thaddeus Underwood (
Reckley Family,
Mikael was a friend to all and foe to none. Truly a remarkable person who you could count on to always wear a smile. He'll be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time.
Thaddeus & Karen Underwood
Chris Tschirhart (
Mikael was a great coworker and friend. No matter what topic we were discussing he always managed to bring joy and laughter into to the conversation. He will be missed. My heartfelt condolences to his family.
Sharmila Chatterjee (
Dear Virginia and Barry,

I cannot begin to express how very sad I am to hear about the passing of Mikael. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. My deepest and most heartfelt condolences. Sharmila
Jennifer Lesswing (
Virginia and Barry,
I am so sorry to hear this. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this extremely difficult time.

Jenn and Chris Lesswing
Jesse Hester (USMA '96) (
To Julieanna and the Reckley Family,

I was so sorry to hear that Mikael (just Reckley to me) had suddenly passed. I knew him well through our times at West Point and occasional contact as guys do :). Probably the most memorable thing I have about him was infectiously funny laugh and big smile. While he was a big and strong guy, his personality and heart were even bigger. My thoughts are with you and while no logical reason can even come to mind why he was taken so early in life, I hope the funny, good and milestone memories you have had with him can provide some comfort and solace during this trying time. Reckley was a friend, a classmate, a brother in arms. He will be sorely missed.

Laura Koller (
Dear Virginia and Barry,
I'm deeply saddened to learn of your loss. Sending condolences at this difficult time, and wishing you comfort and peace.
--Laura Koller
Jennifer Sutherby (
Mikael is already missed so much. His humor and kindness and sincerity made it a pleasure to work with him and call him my friend.
Dania El Hassan (
Dear Mikael,

Iím so sad to say goodbye to you and that youíve left us unexpectedly and too soon. In your short time on earth, youíve given me so much and so overwhelmingly, my feeling is gratitude. Gratitude for the love youíve shown everyone around you, gratitude for your little tips along my career that set me on my path, gratitude for the ways youíve changed me as a person.

When I first started in your group we used to bicker. Iíd challenge you on every turn and make you explain your opinions to me multiple times. You started the virtual technologies group and showed me entrepreneurial energy can make real and lasting change. You taught me the tools that eventually led me to my career choice in construction software. You and your parents set me on my course toward MIT Sloan and our constant argumentation and Jedi training has helped me to hone my expertise in the field you created. I know now that it was you that was challenging me this whole time. A few years ago in my new role, I insisted on creating a Jedi council to with the mission to challenge and coach each other to achieve greater outcomes. This is only one small part of your legacy, but one that is so uniquely you.

You welcomed everyone into your life and made each person feel like part of something bigger with an infectious enthusiasm. Whether throwing a party to make sure I watch every episode of Star Wars prior to the release, to having my entire housewarming act out the parts you wrote about us in your post-apocalyptic book, to simple conversations in a bar that led to strangers spilling their deepest secrets to you. Learning from you, Iíve become known in my new circles for this trait that I learned from you, the ability to truly and deeply connect with humanity around you instantly and effortlessly.

There are far too many happy moments to share with you today. Know that I take them with me and live with you in my life every day. I am grateful for the love youíve shown me and hope to continue to spread it as you would have. Thank you, Mikael for everything you gave me. I will miss you.

Jo Browne  
I am so sorry for your loss Virginia and Barry. Mikael seems like a truly special young man.

With love,
Manny Sampson (
Mikael was one of the first people I met in Boston and ever since that day, he has had a major impact on my life, my career, and my vision on being true to myself. He lived without restraint & loved without hesitation. He was always open to having someone joining the force. My condolences to the family and close friends, because we have lost someone who lived without boundaries. And now, he is able to watch over all of us without them as well. God bless you all.
Ellen Baum (
Virginia and Barry, so sorry to hear of your loss. I will keep you in my thoughts.
Emily Gallagher (
Dear Virginia, Barry, and Julieanna,
Nate Charles told me about Mikael's passing. I was completely stunned--he was still young. I am so so so sorry for your loss. I know how proud of him you were and what a terrific person he was.

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