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Name Date Town
Dorothy P. “Dottie” Jameson May 20th, 2022 lifelong resident of Holbrook
Arielle Mae Gillespie May 18th, 2022 Brockton
Mary C. (Murray) Cody May 17th, 2022 Braintree, formerly of Hyde Park
Michael J. DeLory, Sr. May 16th, 2022 Gulfport, FL, formerly of Brockton
Matthew E. Hanson May 16th, 2022 Lincoln, RI, formerly of Whitman and Brockton
George R. Terrill May 15th, 2022 West Bridgewater, formerly of Brockton and Holbrook
Michael D. Beal May 14th, 2022 Norwell, formerly of Randolph
Giovanni Pellegrino May 13th, 2022 Braintree
Walter “Skip” Adams May 12th, 2022 Chatham, formerly of Braintree
Jean M. (Strati) Penny May 8th, 2022 Braintree and Dennis, formerly of Allston
Tara A. Mulloy May 6th, 2022 Norwell, formerly of Braintree
Claire M. (Harding) Pannier May 6th, 2022 Braintree
Susan “Sue” (Ranahan) Knineh May 1st, 2022 Holbrook
Teresa E. Shiner April 28th, 2022 Quincy, formerly of South Boston
Kim Ho Thi Nguyen April 28th, 2022 Braintree
Michael Anthony Varraso April 27th, 2022 Braintree
Alexander J. “Al” Gould April 27th, 2022 Braintree, formerly of Dorchester
Maurice J. O'Brien April 25th, 2022 Braintree, formerly of Dorchester
Bernice, M. “Bernie”, (Kazonis) Deptula April 24th, 2022 Braintree
Lorraine S. Mann April 23rd, 2022 Burlington
Leonard T. “Lenny” Werra April 18th, 2022 Abington
Jerene E. “Jeri” (Toomey) Hutchings April 17th, 2022 Randolph, formerly of Charlestown
Shirley A. (Hatch) Teed April 16th, 2022 lifelong resident of Randolph
Robert W. "Bob" Gavin April 15th, 2022 lifelong resident of Braintree
Nancy T. (Currie) Stapleton April 15th, 2022 Randolph, formerly of Dorchester
Barry R. Harding April 14th, 2022 Braintree, formerly of Fall River
John Alphonse Paulauski April 14th, 2022 Randolph
Benjamin Simmons April 13th, 2022 Fleming Island, Florida
William R. “Bill” Cushing April 9th, 2022 lifelong Braintree resident
Jean E. (Muldoon) McPhee April 4th, 2022 Braintree
David J. Wallace April 1st, 2022 Braintree
David Alexander Shepherd April 1st, 2022 Braintree
Sylvia A. (DuBois) Martin March 30th, 2022 Braintree
William J. “Bill” Daley, Jr. March 29th, 2022 Brockton, formerly of Plymouth
Claudia (Guarino) Meola March 29th, 2022 Braintree
Jean (O'Leary) Dalton March 29th, 2022 Braintree

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