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Name Date Town
Sophie (Zevitas) Cokinos March 26th, 2015 Holbrook, MA
Dr. Philip J. Landry March 25th, 2015 Cataumet and Hingham, formerly of Braintree
Marguerite S. “Kiki” (Godfrey) Flaherty March 24th, 2015 Holbrook
Greta L. (Carlson) Bonomi March 24th, 2015 HOLBROOK
Karen E. (Bolster) Needle March 23rd, 2015 ABINGTON
Anne T. (Lynch) Joyce March 21st, 2015 Randolph
Francis B. “Frankie” DiPirro March 20th, 2015 W. BRIDGEWATER
Christine M. (Kelly) Morrissey March 19th, 2015 HOLBROOK
Dianne M. Frazier March 18th, 2015 Abington, MA
Florence A. "Arlie" (Hattie) O'Brien Stetson March 18th, 2015 AVON
Irene Marie (McDermott) Jones March 15th, 2015 HOLBROOK
Eleanor K. “Ellie” (O’Connor) Ramsey March 13th, 2015 Bridgewater formerly of Avon
Janet E. Fisher March 11th, 2015 Braintree
Virginia A. Gerardi March 9th, 2015 Randolph
Leo F. Travis March 9th, 2015 Holbrook, MA
Persifon Margarit March 8th, 2015 Holbrook
Edna L. (Murphy) Killion March 6th, 2015 Holbrook
Maryellen (Gallivan) Finnegan March 6th, 2015 Holbrook, formerly of South Boston
Michael Richard DiCarlo March 6th, 2015 Randolph
Robin L. (Bradley) Hearns March 6th, 2015 Holbrook
David R. "Dave" Singler March 5th, 2015 Rockland, formerly of Braintree
James Brendan McCormack March 4th, 2015 Braintree, MA
Rui C. Pereira March 3rd, 2015 Randolph and New Bedford
Eva Wilhelmina (Walker) “Mama” Bucknor March 2nd, 2015 Randolph
Jose`R. "Joe" de Souza February 28th, 2015 Randolph
Paul Joseph Graham February 26th, 2015 Holbrook, formerly of Braintree
Joseph Iantosca February 26th, 2015 Braintree
Linda (Koury) Hajjar February 25th, 2015 Braintree
Phyllis F. (Galotti) Shedlock February 23rd, 2015 Braintree,MA
Christina (Hunt) O'Sullivan February 21st, 2015 Braintree
Mary Louise (Bunnell) Schreiber February 21st, 2015 Rockland, MA
Barbara L. (Follansbee) Gardner February 19th, 2015 RANDOLPH
Marjorie P. "Marge" (Adelman) MacMillan February 18th, 2015 Holbrook
Charles H. “Charlie” Kilty, C.P.A. February 18th, 2015 Weymouth
Patricia L. (Lovey) Regguinti February 15th, 2015 Brockton , MA
Robert J. “Bobby” Cummisky February 14th, 2015 Randolph
Edythe T. (Bertolon) Burke February 14th, 2015 BRAINTREE
Elaine M. (Templeton) Edwards February 13th, 2015 Randolph
Joan M. (DiBona) Pieroni February 12th, 2015 Braintree
Sheila A. (O'Leary) Warsheski February 10th, 2015 Whitman
Raymond V. Lutz, Jr. February 9th, 2015 HOLBROOK
Frederick J. Maguire February 8th, 2015 Tewksbury
Ruth Lorraine (Griffin) Coole February 7th, 2015 Holbrook
Michael D. Frizzell February 7th, 2015 HOLBROOK
John W. McKinnon February 5th, 2015 QUINCY
Peter L. Schiavone, Sr. February 5th, 2015 Braintree
Russell D. Colby February 3rd, 2015 HOLBROOK
William M. "Billy" Dorsey February 3rd, 2015 BRAINTREE
Victor W. Lorizio February 2nd, 2015 Wenham and Avon
Cora, “Chic” (Crosby) Webber February 1st, 2015 Holbrook, MA
Robert E. "Bob" Martin February 1st, 2015 Brockton
Robert A. "Robbie" February 1st, 2015 DORCHESTER
Grace A. (Rosselli) Irwin January 30th, 2015 Braintree
John J. "Jack" Cusack January 29th, 2015 Braintree
Maryellen Murphy January 29th, 2015 Braintree
Norman Alexander MacDonald January 27th, 2015 HOLBROOK

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