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Name Date Town
Theresa P. Tempesta February 25th, 2020 Braintree, formerly of Randolph and Dorchester
Jeffrey Heanue February 24th, 2020 Randolph
Najar Freel Frederic February 23rd, 2020 Randolph
Paul J. Hamrock February 22nd, 2020 Canton, formerly of Dorchester
Rosemarie (Kostas) Graham February 22nd, 2020 Braintree, formerly of the West End of Boston
Christopher M. “Blaney” Blaney February 21st, 2020 Sharon, formerly of Randolph
Peter D. Tousingnant February 20th, 2020 Randolph, formerly of Waltham
Michael S. Sumner February 20th, 2020 Holbrook, formerly of Wrentham
Victor Lawrence Trawick, February 16th, 2020 Braintree
Ann D. Terrill February 14th, 2020 BROCKTON & HOLBROOK
Barbara R. (Rogers) Wideman February 14th, 2020 Randolph, formerly of Brockton
Judith A. (Colasanti) Farina February 13th, 2020 Hanson, formerly of Weymouth
Grace Windella Page February 13th, 2020 Randolph
Jean J. Payen February 12th, 2020 Mattapan
Charlotte M. Selig February 12th, 2020 So. Easton formerly of Brockton
Paul J. O'Connor February 11th, 2020 Brockton
Margaret L. “Peg” (King) Coughlin February 9th, 2020 Randolph, formerly of So. Boston
Katherine M. "Kathy" (Rebokus) Tobin February 9th, 2020 Holiday, FL, formerly of Taunton, Brockton and Holbrook,
Guillermo "Belo" Betancourt February 8th, 2020 Randolph, formerly of Lynn and the Dominican Republic
David L. Rowell February 7th, 2020 Randolph, formerly of Waverly, AL
Saint-Jean Marius February 5th, 2020 Randolph, formerly of Haiti
Angelo Baiungo February 3rd, 2020 Braintree
Cledanor Sully February 2nd, 2020 Randolph, MA
James ‘Jim’ Bernard O'Sullivan February 1st, 2020 Braintree
Peter J. "Pete" Barbati January 30th, 2020 Randolph
Kevin M. "Kev" O'Connor January 30th, 2020 Taunton
Patricia A. (Molinari) Montgomery January 26th, 2020 Weymouth, formerly of Randolph
Edilberto “Daddy” Perez January 26th, 2020 Brockton
Tessy M. Delva January 26th, 2020 Holbrook
Ferdinand "Fred" Rugnetta January 25th, 2020 Wellington, Fl., formerly of Braintree
Patricia M. “Pat” (McCann) Egan January 24th, 2020 Braintree, formerly of Dorchester
Richard "Dick" "Sonny" Omar January 24th, 2020 Braintree
David P. Botting January 23rd, 2020 Canton, formerly of Holbrook
Sheila “Cecelia” B. Fitzpatrick Garvan January 19th, 2020 Braintree, formerly of Dorchester and Ireland
Agnes Gilberte Civil January 19th, 2020 Holbrook
Michael H. "Mickey" Corcoran January 18th, 2020 Braintree
Susan N. (Holman) Dalton January 16th, 2020 Braintree, formerly of Wyoming, OH
Alcina Cadet January 15th, 2020 Randolph, formerly of Haiti
Catherine M. ("Kool Kay") Guarino January 14th, 2020 Brockton
William F. “Bill” Callahan, Jr. January 12th, 2020 Braintree
Robert J. “Red” Kerr January 11th, 2020 Braintree, formerly of So. Boston
Mary Theresa (Owens) Rossi January 11th, 2020 Long-time resident of Randolph
Joan M. (Maloney) Nicholaides January 7th, 2020 EASTON & HOLBROOK
Lois A. (Marks) White January 6th, 2020 West Dennis, formerly of Milton and Braintree
Daniel Joseph Hoffman January 5th, 2020 Braintree
Carol Ann McGovern January 4th, 2020 QUINCY
Cora A. (Duncan) Gray January 4th, 2020 Holbrook, formerly of Dorchester
James C. “Jim” Walgreen January 2nd, 2020 Randolph
William "Bill" Francis Devin January 2nd, 2020 Braintree and Nantucket
John H. “Jack” Sherman January 2nd, 2020 Randolph, formerly of Weymouth
Philip J. “Phil” Warsheski December 31st, 2019 Weymouth and Braintree
Paul Grant Jr. December 31st, 2019 Randolph
Elizabeth M. "Liz" Connors December 30th, 2019 Braintree, formerly of Miami, FL
James "Jimmy" "Obie" Oberlander December 30th, 2019 Canton, formerly of Randolph
Thomas N. Bell, Sr. December 30th, 2019 Randolph, formerly of Virginia

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