Cartwright Funeral Homes


Cartwright Funeral Homes and Cartwright-Venuti Funeral Home are owned and operated by the Cartwright family. Our family has been providing caring, dignified and affordable funeral services to Braintree, Holbrook, Randolph, and the surrounding communities for 5 generations. We are full service funeral providers with funeral homes located just South of Boston. The funeral homes are minutes away from local hospitals in Quincy, Brockton and Stoughton as well as Boston area hospitals and Logan International Airport.

We provide funeral service options from ranging from the "Traditional Funeral" to services individualized to your specific needs and customs. From the simplest of services ending in burial, cremation or alternative forms of disposition. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and adaptation to changing trends and customs. We are keenly aware of and have a great appreciation and respect for the religious and cultural differences of the diverse community we serve.

The goal of our staff of funeral service professionals is to provide an atmosphere professionalism, compassion and understanding. To treat and serve our families with dignity and respect. Always being aware of a families circumstances and means. To provide the families we serve with a courteous and dedicated professional staff . Clean well maintained Facilities, equipment, and automotive equipment. To provide the families we serve with price list to enable them to make informed decisions and to provide them with options to meet there needs and means.

No matter where the death occurs we can coordinate and arrange all of your death care needs. Whether the death takes place locally, in another state or in another country. We can handle all the necessary arrangements to have a loved one returned home.

Randolph Home

Cartwright Funeral Home, 419 No. Main St. (Rte.28) Randolph has been operating from this location since 1930. Ralph W. Cartwright Sr. purchased the property formerly known as the Windsor Pratt House Built in 1835. This location would be considered our main office. The original house has gone through many changes over the past 60 years. Enlarging the facility improving accessibility and increasing the parking area.

Holbrook Home

Cartwright Funeral Home, 69 So. Franklin St. (Rte.37) Holbrook has been in operation since 1955. The building was the former Snell Estate. A beautiful late 1800's home. In 1998 the building was completely renovated and brought into compliance with ADA and handicap accessibility. The viewing rooms were enlarged to accommodate Holbrook and the surrounding areas growing community.

Braintree Home

Cartwright-Venuti Funeral Home, 845 Washington St., So. Braintree was purchased from Nicholas Venuti and his Brother Henry Venuti in 1978. The funeral home is located diagonally across the street from St. Francis of Assisi Church, So. Braintree Sq. The building is a large Victorian style building that has undergone many renovation. In April of 2004 the most extensive renovations to date where completed. The building has been completely updated to provide easy access to all. Spacious home like visitation rooms able to accommodate very large services or a smaller more intimate one. We now have on site casket selection room and cremation option room for your convenience and comfort. Another major addition to the facility is not inside but outside. We have purchased additional off street parking for the safety and convenience of those we serve and their family and friends. All with a goal to make the facility more accessible to the public.

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